Shaping a More Walkable, Bikeable Connecticut

Bike Walk Connecticut aims to promote the development of safe and connected biking and walking infrastructure and to provide bike safety education within Connecticut.

Bike Walk Connecticut was formed in 2005 as the Central Connecticut Bicycle Alliance (CCBA) to advocate for bike-friendly facilities and policies in central Connecticut to benefit recreational and commuter cyclists. CCBA took over the Hartford Bike to Work program that an association of agencies and individuals started in 2000. CCBA received 501(C)(3) status in January 2006. In April 2010, CCBA broadened its mission to include pedestrian issues, adopted a statewide focus, and changed its name to Bike Walk Connecticut.

Bike Walk Connecticut is the only organization working at the state level to make Connecticut a better place to bike and walk.

We work:

-With the state legislature to promote active transportation and laws that protect the rights of cyclists and pedestrians;

-With state agency leaders, other policymakers, and other advocacy organizations to get good policies, practices, and funding for cycling and pedestrian infrastructure;

-To increase grassroots efforts to make communities better places to bike and walk;

-At the federal level, working cooperatively with national organizations, such as the League of American Bicyclists, the Alliance for Biking and Walking, Transportation for America, and SmartGrowth America, to ensure continued funding for biking and walking projects.

-Promoting active transportation as a cost-effective, zero-emissions, healthy mode of transportation

-Educating elected officials and policymakers about active transportation as an economic development issue

-Facilitating a multi-media Share the Road campaign

-Full implementation of the complete streets law at the state level

-Ensuring implementation of the Vulnerable Users Law

-Educating the public about the Complete Streets law

-Encouraging cycling through our statewide Bike to Work campaign

-Encouraging local advocacy efforts for bike-friendly, walk-friendly cities and towns

Our Current Board of Directors

Think you might be interested in serving on the Bike Walk CT Board of Directors? We’re always on the lookout for strong board candidates who want to help take our professional advocacy organization to the next level. Please read about board expectations for membership, governance and fundraising, and then email us your interest. Thank you!

Alan Puzarne


In 2022, Alan, a retired healthcare executive with extensive management experience, moved to Connecticut to be closer to his family. With a career spanning senior roles in major health insurance carriers, Alan shifted to volunteer work post-retirement. He serves on the Board of the Tichenor Clinic for Children and was a volunteer exhibit presenter at the Aquarium of the Pacific. A lifelong cyclist, he joined Bike Walk Connecticut, quickly becoming Co-Chair to further its mission for safer biking and walking. Alan holds a Master’s in Special Education from SFSU, an MBA from CSUN, and a BS from UCLA.

Ric Barry


Ric Barry serves in the Business Office at the Department of Revenue Services, State of Connecticut, bringing a commitment to public service and operational efficiency. A passionate year-round bike commuter, Ric traverses the landscapes of New England both for commuting and recreation. His dedication to cycling extends into advocacy, where he champions safer, more accessible trails for cyclists and walkers alike. Ric’s vision is to enhance trail systems to be inclusive, catering to a diverse community of users. His dual focus on his professional responsibilities and his advocacy reflects his deep commitment to improving community infrastructure.

Mary Cockram


Mary Cockram, a Hartford resident for 25 years, blends her love for biking with her expertise in grant writing and program evaluation through her consulting firm. Her clients span historic house museums to community development organizations. Previously, Mary served as Program Director at Aid to Artisans for 14 years, where she evaluated and documented the impact of crafts development programs worldwide. She has also worked extensively in Bolivia, Brazil, Haiti, and Russia. Mary holds a Master's degree in International Agriculture and Rural Development and a BS in Communication from Cornell University. She is actively involved in the Hartford Advisory Commission on Food Policy.

Joseph Collazo


Joseph, a Glastonbury native, rekindled his passion for cycling after a car accident in 2018 left him seeking rehabilitation through biking. This early love for riding transformed into advocacy for cycling and pedestrian safety. Joseph resides in Hartford's walkable West End, close to vibrant local scenes. He is pursuing a Business Administration degree at Central Connecticut State University and has transitioned from a career in aerospace engineering to a technical recruiter, aiding in business growth. Joseph also plans to start a business with his father. Outside of work, he enjoys biking on the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail or relaxing in Elizabeth Park.

Elizabeth French


Elizabeth is a data engineer at Travelers, commuting by bus or bike from her home in Hartford, where she has lived for many years. A graduate of Central CT State University with a bachelor's degree and an MBA, she embraces an active lifestyle that includes biking, hiking, running, and walking her dogs. Originally from northwestern CT, Elizabeth enjoys exploring the diverse landscapes her region offers. Her commitment to a sustainable commute and active living reflects her dedication to personal health and environmental stewardship.

Steve Mitchell


Steven, V.P. of Mitchell Auto Group and lifelong multisport enthusiast, balances his automotive roots with a passion for bicycling and running. At 14, he embarked on long-distance rides with his Raleigh Chopper and Panasonic touring bike, eventually cycling across the U.S. in 1977 and from Maine to Florida recently with the East Coast Greenway tour. A Northeastern University alumnus with a Marketing degree and former ski team captain, Steven is also an instrument-rated pilot and certified cycling and ski instructor. Residing in Avon with his wife, Susan, they have five children and four grandsons.

Ernie Adamo


Ernie, based in the New Haven area, has been an avid cyclist for over two decades, enjoying rides both solo and with his team, New England Brewing Team Craft Beer. With more than 30 years of experience in tax policy at the state level, he also plays an active role in state and local politics. Ernie holds a BA in Economics from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s in Public Policy from Trinity College. His deep understanding of economic and policy issues combines with his passion for cycling, contributing to his active engagement in his community and profession.

R. Bruce Donald


Bruce has spearheaded greenway advocacy in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Central Massachusetts since 2016, following 14 years as president of the Farmington Valley Trails Council. As Chairman of the Governor’s Connecticut Greenways Council from 2014, he coordinated state-wide stakeholders to enhance the greenway system. His work earned him recognition from the Connecticut General Assembly in 2016 and awards from Bike/Walk Connecticut and the Mass Central Rail Trail Coalition. Bruce holds degrees from Middlebury and Trinity College and authored a book on Civil War history. Previously, he had a 17-year career in international finance. He is also an avid bicyclist and skier.

Yalanda Squirewell


Yalanda, a longtime resident of Windsor after being raised in nearby Bloomfield, is an active member of the Octagon Cycling Club in Bloomfield. Passionate about cycling, she not only enjoys riding but also encourages others to explore the joys of cycling. Her enthusiasm extends beyond the bike trails, as Yalanda is actively involved in various charitable functions. She cherishes spending quality time with her family and friends, embodying a community-oriented spirit. Yalanda's commitment to her hobbies and her community showcases her dedication to promoting active lifestyles and community engagement.

Elizabeth Tavelli


Elizabeth is a staff attorney at the Connecticut Association of Realtors and mom to two avid bike riders! She lives with her family in West Hartford. A graduate of Fordham University and UConn Law School, she loves being outside in all seasons! She enjoys many forms of biking and in particular has recently developed a love of gravel. She also loves tennis, kayaking, cross country skiing and hiking. She's interested in creating safe places for Connecticut residents to enjoy the great outdoors!

Bob Bessel


Bob Bessel has seen the power and potential of bike and pedestrian trails as Canton’s First Selectman (2019-2023), member of CRCOG, director of the Connecticut Council of Small Towns, and chairman of Canton’s Economic Development Agency. He is an active advocate for linking people with nature and each other via multimodal transportation. Prior to serving in public office, Bob directed public relations efforts for COCC, a Connecticut-based technology service for banks and credit unions. He has a Bachelors degree in English from the University of Massachusetts.

Board Alumni

Kerri Provost

Kerri Ana Provost is a dedicated advocate for transportation rights, living her beliefs as a non-car owner. She champions the notion that safe, effective, and affordable personal and public transportation is not just a convenience, but a fundamental human right and a cornerstone of personal freedom. Her activism is rooted in the conviction that accessible transportation empowers individuals and strengthens communities. Kerri Ana's commitment to this cause reflects her deep understanding of transportation's role in societal equity and individual liberty, making her a respected voice in discussions around urban mobility and policy reform.

Jim Jinks

Jim, founder and executive director of Bike Cheshire, works to enhance cycling in Cheshire, CT. With two decades in management at Connecticut advertising firms, he is currently VP at Mediabids. His civic engagement includes roles on the Cheshire Planning & Zoning Commission and as Vice Chair of the Cheshire Democratic Town Committee. Jim holds a bachelor’s degree from UCONN and a Master’s in Public Policy from Trinity College, specializing in urban planning. Originally from Plainfield, CT, he has lived in several cities but returned to Connecticut in 2002, where he now resides with his wife, Marie, and four children.

Matt Tyksinski

Matt has bike commuted his way across the country, stopping in Seattle, Austin and Chicago along the way. He works as a Town Planner in East Windsor. He received an undergraduate degree from Holy Cross and a graduate degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in urban planning and policy. Matt is interested in how municipalities can make alternative forms of transportation like biking more attractive, prevalent and accessible for all people. Matt currently resides in Hartford with his wife Emily.

Matt Tyksinski

Matt has bike commuted his way across the country, stopping in Seattle, Austin and Chicago along the way. He works as a Town Planner in East Windsor. He received an undergraduate degree from Holy Cross and a graduate degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in urban planning and policy. Matt is interested in how municipalities can make alternative forms of transportation like biking more attractive, prevalent and accessible for all people. Matt currently resides in Hartford with his wife Emily.

Sean Malone Alexander

past Secretary

Sean Malone Alexander, from Clinton and originally Daytona Beach, discovered his passion for cycling as a preteen. A Stetson University Marketing graduate, he’s now an avid triathlete, speaker, and wellness advocate. Sean became committed to promoting road safety after his wife suffered a severe cycling accident. He educates cyclists and drivers on mutual respect and safety through speaking engagements and writing on nutrition, health, and exercise. Sean is also a personal trainer who emphasizes self-care. He enjoys triathlons, hiking, and making people laugh, striving to positively impact the world. Sean is a loving father to two labs and a tuxedo cat.

Bill Young

past President

Bill Young is the Chief Strategy Officer at Intercommunity, Inc., a Hartford-based nonprofit delivering mental health, addiction, and primary medical care services. A cycling enthusiast, Bill uses his bike for both daily transportation and recreational touring, having embarked on numerous trips across North America and Europe. Originally from Chicago, he now resides in Hartford with his wife, Martha Page. Together, they have raised a family that includes adult children and six grandchildren. Bill's professional expertise and personal passions reflect his commitment to both community health and the joys of active living.

Scott Gamester

past Treasurer

Scott Gamester, originally from a small island near Portsmouth, New Hampshire, cherishes his childhood memories of bicycling into the city. A dedicated bike commuter, Scott embraces riding in all weather conditions, often seen smiling through rain or snow. He completed his undergraduate studies at Keene State College and earned an MBA from Northeastern University. Currently, he works at Optum in Hartford, where he indulges his passion for data and analytics. Scott resides in West Hartford with his wife and their three daughters, continuing to enjoy the balance of a data-driven career and an active, outdoor family life.

Laura Baum

Laura is the Project Manager for the Wesleyan Media Project at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. She holds a Master's degree in Urban Planning from the University of Minnesota. With a rich background in biking and walking advocacy, Laura has contributed her expertise in Oregon, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania before relocating to Connecticut. Her work reflects her deep commitment to sustainable urban development and community engagement. Laura now resides in Middletown with her husband and two children, where she continues to advocate for active transportation and enjoys exploring local trails with her family.

Kevin Vicha

Kevin is an aerospace professional with extensive engineering and management experience, having led multinational teams in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Ireland, and the USA. A passionate cycling advocate, he founded educational and community bike rides in New York and West Hartford, supporting local bicycle advisory efforts. Kevin has completed challenging mountain bike races like the TransRockies and TransAlp Challenges, raising funds for children’s safety gear. He holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, an MBA from France's Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, and completed Harvard's Executive Program. Kevin enjoys family bike rides in West Hartford with his wife and four children.

Brendan Harris

past Secretary

Born and raised in Manchester, CT, Brendan is relocating to Hartford while working as a Project Manager at Parkerville Wood Products, a high-end architectural millwork shop. A graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University, he is also pursuing a master's degree in education. An avid cyclist, Brendan's interests extend to traveling, watching and playing sports, reading, and woodworking. His diverse hobbies reflect a commitment to personal growth and community involvement. As he advances in his career and studies, Brendan continues to integrate his passion for hands-on creativity and education, making him a dynamic member of his professional and local communities.

Abigail Martin

Non-voting Member through the Yale’s Nonprofit Board Fellows Program

Abby, a dual MBA and Master of Environmental Management student at Yale, contributes to Bike Walk Connecticut through the Nonprofit Board Fellows program. Before Yale, she was involved in research and development for urban parks at The Trust for Public Land. A dedicated transportation cyclist, Abby has actively promoted cycling safety and awareness as a DC Bicycle Ambassador and through various roles with the Washington Area Bicyclist Association. Her academic pursuits and volunteer efforts reflect a deep commitment to sustainable urban development and community engagement, demonstrating her dedication to enhancing public spaces and promoting active transportation in urban environments.

Susan Smith

After a successful aerospace career, Sue now dedicates herself to bicycle touring, leveraging her educational background from UConn with a Bachelor's in Education and Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Quality Systems. She co-founded a bike group in 2009, growing it to 21 members, and actively participates in multi-day bike tours across NY, Michigan, and Virginia. Sue served on a healthcare nonprofit board from 2010 to 2013 and completed a 2000+ mile bike tour from Canada to Mexico in 2014. A member of the Bicycle Tour Network, she is eager to organize multi-day tours to boost cycling in Connecticut.

Craig Mergins

Craig, a lifelong outdoors enthusiast and dedicated cyclist, chairs the Hartford Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission. In his professional role, he spearheaded the development of an extensive mountain bike trail system in Riverside Park, collaborating with Hartford's Summer Youth Employment and Our Piece of the Pie. His pioneering efforts in Cyclo Cross Racing began in Hartford's Riverside Park in 1995, culminating in hosting the US Cyclocross Championship there in 2017. Craig's leadership and vision have significantly enhanced recreational opportunities in Hartford, making him a key figure in promoting and expanding access to outdoor activities in the community.

James Harrington

James, the son of a bike shop owner and a lifelong cyclist, has evolved from being towed in a bike trailer to becoming an avid triathlete competing in iron-distance triathlons nationwide. A resident of Clinton, he practices law at Polito and Associates in Waterford, specializing as a trial attorney. A graduate of Boston College and Western New England University Law School, James has represented cyclists and pedestrians injured by negligent drivers, witnessing the severe impacts of such incidents. Through his personal passion and professional expertise, James is dedicated to advocating for safer streets for cyclists and pedestrians across Connecticut.

Colleen Kelly Alexander

Colleen Kelly Alexander, a lifelong athlete and motivational speaker, overcame a near-fatal bicycle accident and multiple health challenges to inspire others. A spokesperson for the American Red Cross, she has completed over 50 races and 20 triathlons, including four Half Ironmans, despite enduring thirty surgeries. Featured in national media and a collaborator with Nobel Peace laureates, Colleen advocates for resilience and using adversity as a catalyst for positive change. Living with her husband and pets, she champions cycling safety and represents cyclists unable to advocate for themselves. ​

Anna Stokes

Anna, originally from Upstate New York, now calls North Carolina "home." Her passion for multi-modal transportation blossomed during a college study abroad in Copenhagen, leading her to embrace bicycling as a lifestyle. A proud alumni of Bike & Build, Anna participated in a nearly 4,000-mile cycling tour from Florida to California to advocate for affordable housing. Committed to community engagement, she thrives on efforts to enhance the built environment for biking and walking. Anna’s dedication to sustainable transportation reflects her broader goal of creating accessible, active communities where she can contribute to meaningful and lasting change.

Victor Cervantes

Non-voting Member through the Yale’s Nonprofit Board Fellows Program

Originally from Mexico City, one of the world's most congested urban environments, he discovered the benefits of active transportation by walking and biking to work. This experience sparked a passion for advocating sustainable travel options, leading him to become involved in promoting active transportation. While at Yale, he participated in the Nonprofit Board Fellows Program, furthering his commitment to community-focused solutions. His advocacy aims to improve transportation infrastructures, making cities more accessible and environmentally friendly. His background and experiences highlight his dedication to transforming urban mobility and enhancing the quality of life in dense metropolitan areas.

Coby Zeifman

Coby, originally from the Pacific Northwest, has been an avid commuter cyclist for over a decade, exploring the streets of over 20 US cities and eight countries. During his stay in Connecticut, he spearheaded the New Haven Bike Party—a community-driven, nocturnal celebration that promotes local neighborhoods through cycling. He also organized the 2016 New Haven Tour De Brew, connecting cyclists with local breweries through themed rides that offered discounts and prizes. Additionally, Coby contributed to launching goNewHavengo's September Car Free Challenge. Beyond cycling, he enjoys baseball, camping, and is fluent in Korean.

Chris Brown

past Vice-President

Chris, a full-time transportation cyclist and League Cycling Instructor (LCI), owns a bike business in Hartford and is a well-known figure in Connecticut’s cycling community. He contributes to the Beat Bike Blog, chronicling local cycling experiences, and serves on the Frog Hollow Neighborhood Revitalization Zone Committee. Employed by the Department of Fine Arts at Trinity College, Chris is also a dedicated tinkerer, often working on bike-related projects. A committed bike commuter, he transitioned to using a cargo bike year-round after selling his car in 2012. Chris advocates for the benefits of increased bike use and supportive cycling infrastructure.

Dave Head

Dave Head combines his passion for active living with his professional role as a senior planner at the Connecticut Department of Transportation. An avid cyclist, runner, and triathlete, Dave has influenced the DOT to adopt a more balanced approach to transportation planning, emphasizing bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements. His vision contributes to creating safer, more accessible routes that encourage active transportation across the state. Dave’s expertise and enthusiasm for integrating physical activity into daily commutes reflect his commitment to enhancing community health and environmental sustainability through thoughtful urban design.

Christine Skelly

Chris Skelly recently discovered her passion for bicycling and is eager to involve others, with a strong focus on safety in areas where cycling culture is less established. She actively contributes to various nonprofits, serving as board president of Hopeworks, which offers behavioral health counseling, and as a trustee board member at Wheeler Clinic. Additionally, she supports Literacy Volunteers of Greater Hartford. Chris’s background includes senior executive roles in the healthcare and group insurance industries, equipping her with valuable leadership skills that enhance her community work. Her dedication extends beyond professional achievements to impactful community and advocacy efforts.

Ray Willis

Ray Willis’s passion for bicycling runs deep, with familial roots in the industry; his grandfather and father both owned bike shops in Westerly, RI, and Hamden, CT, respectively. Currently, Ray works in the Transportation, Traffic, and Parking Department of New Haven, actively promoting bicycle-friendly initiatives through the city’s “Street Smarts and Complete Streets” programs. A committed all-season bicycle commuter, Ray champions cycling as the premier mode of transportation, valuing the unparalleled freedom and joy it offers. His efforts are dedicated to enhancing New Haven’s streets to make them safer and more welcoming for cyclists like himself.

Ken Livingston

past Treasure

Ken Livingston, a principal planner at Fitzgerald & Halliday Planning Consultants in Hartford, focuses on bicycle and pedestrian planning. His work includes policy evaluations, network development, and route planning. He is spearheading the update to Connecticut’s Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for the Department of Transportation, and has developed regional plans and conducted demand analysis studies. His projects often explore the feasibility of on- and off-road bicycle networks, emphasizing the connection between transportation and livable communities. Ken holds a B.S. and M.S. in Environmental Science from SUNY and a B.S. in Political Science from the University of New Hampshire.

MaryEllen Thibodeau

past President

MaryEllen Thibodeau, a former lawyer turned avid cyclist, has been cycling for transportation, fitness, and fun throughout her life. She intensified her training about 20 years ago, participating in charity fundraisers. In 2006, to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary and support the American Cancer Society, she and her husband completed a 3,850-mile cross-country ride. Joining the board of Bike Walk Connecticut in 2008, she has advocated for cyclists' rights and funding for bike-friendly initiatives. MaryEllen became a League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor in 2008 and Bike Walk Connecticut’s first staff member in 2009.

Beverly Hughes

past Secretary

​Mrs. Hughes has been a recreational cyclist since 1968. In the 1990s she started riding more seriously and changed career directions, moving to fundraising for a new Boys and Girls Club in Hartford. This life changing experience led her to want to share her knowledge of fund-raising with other worthy groups like Bike Walk Connecticut. Recently retired, Mrs. Hughes and her husband have biked through many parts of this country as well as Canada and Europe. It is important to her to spread the advantages and delights of green transportation to as many people as possible.

Sandy Fry

​As the Principal Transportation Planner responsible for bicycle, pedestrian and transit planning for the Capitol Region Council of Governments, Ms. Fry organized Hartford’s monthly Bike to Work events. As the effort grew in scope, Ms. Fry organized Bike Walk Connecticut’s previous incarnation (Central Connecticut Bike Association) to take over the event. Her job as Transportation Planner is made easier by Bike Walk Connecticut’s strong advocacy for alternative travel education and encouragement.

Anne Hayes

past President

Ms. Hayes serves as the Director of Parking & Mass Transit for The Travelers Companies Inc., managing parking and mass transit across Hartford, St. Paul, and nationwide offices. She champions eco-friendly commuting by promoting biking, walking, and public transportation among Travelers employees. Under her leadership, the company has seen the highest participation in Hartford’s monthly Bike to Work events, offering amenities like showers and bike racks, and sponsoring the events with breakfast and volunteers for three years. Ms. Hayes, who has completed Traffic Skills 101, also advocates for board members to enhance their cycling safety knowledge.

Tom O'Brien

Tom O'Brien is a freelance journalist and carpenter who's committed to making Western Connecticut more amenable to walking and biking. His major accomplishment is the establishment of the New Milford River Trail, a greenway that will follow the Housatonic River the entire length of town. He's looking forward to the day when he and his son will no longer be recognized throughout the community as "the bike riders."

Martha Page

​Martha Page is the Executive Director of the Hartford Food System, a nonprofit organization in Hartford dedicated to food security. Previously, she was the Environmental Health Manager for the City of Hartford Department of Health and Human Services. Martha is a certified Public Health professional who walks and bicycles often and wants others to do so as well, for the health and fun of it! She particularly enjoys bike touring and has taken several trips with her bicycle, both here and abroad. For Martha, cycling and walking are wonderful ways to be outdoors with friends and family, to see things in a way that you can't when you're stuck in a car, and to allow you to eat more than you otherwise could.

Gary LaFleur

Mr. Lafleur, a Corrections Counselor with the Connecticut Department of Correction and a passionate musician, finds joy and balance in mountain bike racing and street cycling. Embracing cycling not just as a hobby but as a vital component of his lifestyle for health, fitness, and mental well-being, he is transitioning towards using his bicycle as his primary mode of transportation. Mr. Lafleur is a strong advocate for the transformative power of bicycling, believing deeply in its potential to impact global change by promoting sustainable transportation and enhancing personal and community wellness.

Mark Paquette

past Vice President

Mark Paquette is the Executive Director of the Windham Region Council of Governments (WINCOG) and serves as the acting chairman of the Governor's CT Greenways Council. He chairs both the CT section of the East Coast Greenway (ECG) Trails Committee and the Eastern CT Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Consortium. Additionally, Mark is involved with the CT Advisory Commission for Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) and the CT Association of Regional Planning Organizations. An enthusiast of cycling, running, golf, and skiing, Mark has been a certified soccer referee for over two decades. He lives in Mansfield with his wife, Chris, and holds leadership roles in various soccer officiating boards.

Luis Rivera

Luis Rivera has dedicated nearly a decade to serving Hartford's community, particularly in the North End at Jumoke Academy and the Frog Hollow area at Mi Casa Community Center. Currently, he is the Program Coordinator for the Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Hartford at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. Luis oversees community outreach, focusing on safety during activities like bicycling and walking. He has fitted thousands of children with helmets at health fairs and bike rodeos, and donated bikes to local youth. Passionate about promoting wellness, Luis encourages active lifestyles among children, ensuring they enjoy these activities safely.

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